Calming Waters Facials are customized to your skin care needs. We use a beautiful skin care line that is aromatherapy based, natural, and paraben free. Our skin care system is formulated for all skin types – regardless of gender, ethnicity, or condition.

At Calming Waters Skin Care we believe in giving each client the quality time they need, so relax and enjoy the time we have reserved especially for you.

Pricing & Info

Calming Waters offers a variety of facials tailored to specific needs. Below is a list of our facial services and pricing. For questions and appointments please contact us.

Calming Waters Skin Care

Perfect for those with limited time! Deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, steam with light extraction, customized mask for your specific needs and finishing products. This Facial does not include hand massage.



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This facial is customized to the specific needs of your skin. It includes deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extraction, customized mask, hand massage, and finishing products.



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This is microdermabrasion combined with a full European facial. This treatment includes deep pore cleansing, microdermabrasion, relaxing massage for face, neck, décolleté and shoulders, followed by a customized serum and a hydrating, calming mask.



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This facial includes a deep pore cleanse, microdermabrasion, steam, extraction, application of a Professional Retinol complex or a Professional Vitamin C Serum, a customized hydrating Norwegian Seaweed Mask, hand massage, and finishing products.



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This is our ultimate facial for skin with signs of aging!  It includes a deep pore cleanse, microdermabrasion, a customized mask, LED light therapy, and microcurrent for full muscle re-education. Finished off with professional strength serums.



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Facial add-ons

Nu-face Lifting & Firming Treatment

A low level relaxing and soothing micro-current is massaged over your face to tone and lift facial muscles, and contours the oval of the face for a more youthful appearance.  It can be added to any facial.   $20

Intensive Retinol Serum Concentrate Treatment

This lightweight treatment is recommended for skin aged by time or sun.   It leaves skin looking younger and more vibrant within 24 to 72 hours.  It contains a mega-dose of retinol, along with Sea Whip and the anti-oxidant Lutein.  The mega-dose is much higher than what is available in a home care product.  The retinol is micro-encapsulated so that it is time-released within the skin’s surface. It is recommended that this concentrate be applied every 4 to 6 weeks. You can use the Calming Waters Retinol Resurfacing Complex at home daily to enhance the benefit of this treatment.  It can be added to any facial.  $20

Intensive Vitamin C Serum Concentrate Treatment

This treatment is recommended for sun-damaged skin, dry, lackluster skin, and post-procedure skin where more collagen is needed.  Skin appears more luminous, youthful, and supple with 24 hours.  This concentrate is formulated with a high dose of stabilized vitamin C ester, as well as skin soothing Sea Whip, and the antioxidant Astaxanthin. This treatment forms a long-lasting reservoir of stable Vitamin C within the skin and kick starts the age-fighting benefits of Vitamin C treatments used at home.  It can be added to any facial.  $20

Paraffin treatment for hands or feet

Leaves skin on your hands or feet incredibly soft and supple. It combines medical-grade paraffin, soothing heat, and relaxing aromatherapy.  An individual pair of gloves or slippers is used only during your treatment, heated using natural mineral technology.  This treatment hydrates your skin by forming an occlusive mask, helps increase local blood flow, and protects against free radicals.  It can be added to any facial. $20 for hands or feet.

AHA treatment for hands or feet

This add-on acts as a peel for your hands or feet.   It exfoliates the skin and reduces roughness, leaving the skin radiant and more youthful-looking.  Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) exfoliates the skin by loosening dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.  It can be added to any facial. $20 for hands, $25 for feet.